UpSki Experience December 15 2013

Back home after 2 weeks on the road UpSkiing in Wyoming & Colorado. This is the best early season we've had in years. Do you think its going to keep coming all season long?? we do!  This post is the continuation of our extended descriptions of our rewards for kickstarter.  This is our final week- and we need your support before Dec 19th- so support us today! The UpSki Experience:  We want you to come out and experience the power of the wind- experience the raw force of 200sqft of sail area pulling you up a slope, then being able to turn around and make turns back down. No lifts, no ticket, no skins, no fuss, no crowds! We spend our time in scenic terrain high in the mountains. Above treeline- the views are magnificent and landscape dramatic. DSC_0854 On a typical day- we are able to ascend and ski thousands of feet, enjoy a hot drink, and take in the remote and wild that the mountains offer.  In the backcountry- we seek out terrain with good untracked snow and low avalanche hazard.  When conditions are right- we can ascend in excess of 3000ft per hour right to the tops of peaks.  in terms of ground speed- generally we travel between 4-30mph.  How fast we go depends upon wind speed, snow conditions, slope angle, and rider weight. We travel in small groups (rarely more than 4 people) so as not to ruin the wilderness experience.  When going out with our friends who are beginner or novice skiers- we find easy terrain- such as lakes and valleys below treeline where they can develop their skiing and UpSkiing skills at the same time.  When winds are strong we tow newbies so that they can focus exclusively on their skiing skills. We are not dictated by specific closure times like at a resort- but instead UpSki as long as the wind is good and our legs are still strong.  This means we often are out on the snow making laps until sunset. DSC_0805 Most of us ski in the backcountry because we are looking for new ways to embrace nature.  Many want the challenge and adventure of something new.  Embracing the wind is the wave of the future! On a windy- the power of the UpSki is irresitable.  For those with who have gained advanced UpSkiing skiils- the leading edge of the sport is in finding ways to ascend complex & technical slopes and finding routes to the summits of peaks not yet ascended with the power of the wind. This is a large & vast new frontier- most of the peaks around the world have been ascended by traditional climbing means- but very few summits have been reached using the power of the wind.  We intend to change that! We have multiple backer rewards listed both for specific date(s) and non-specific "Floater" days $160 for a single day, $280 for two consecutive days. As the season progresses send out emails as we plan more days of UpSkiing. If we get skunked(no wind) you are always welcome to try again and join us a second time Back our campaign on KickStarter for $160 and help us reach or goal of 11,200 and we'll  create new UpSki equipment- and look forward to going UpSkiing with you this winter!! DSC_0855(Photos from Dec 2013 on Red Mountain Pass, CO)